Best Friends Animal Society has come to Osceola County, and will spend the next three years working to reduce the county’s population of free-roaming, unowned cats.

A joint effort between Best Friends Animal Society, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, Snip It and Osceola County Animal Services has formed. With the combined efforts of these organizations, along with the help of the Osceola community, they will achieve the goal of neutering of 7,500 cats. The plan they have implemented is known as T.N.R.,  which stands for Trap-Neuter-Release. The roaming cats will be humanely trapped then taken to the shelter where they will receive proper vaccinations and be spayed/neutered. After the cat has recovered from surgery, they will be released back into the area where they were originally found. In three years’ time, this will prevent the birth of an estimated 15,000 unwanted kittens.

The program has been extremely successful throughout the country, and with the amazing results seen in other cities, “Best Friends Animal Society” is confident they will be able to achieve a 90% cat save rate and reduce euthanasia by 83% in Osceola County. Community Cat Program Manager Shelly Kotter recognizes that these are lofty goals but is certain that with help from the community they can be achieved.

The program is set to launch in Osceola County April 15th. Anyone interested in volunteering to assist in the efforts of the Community Cat Program can visit the Best Friends Animal Society website at or The Osceola County Animal Services website.