Are you an animal lover? The Osceola County Animal Services is and they are looking for individuals to help foster some of the loveable kittens and cats at its shelter. The mission of the Osceola County Animal Services is to provide the best care possible to animals that come to its shelter regardless of circumstance, to be diligent in our efforts to save lives, and to educate and assist the community with animal-related problems. They work to reduce threats posed by animals to public safety through proactive enforcement, education, assistance, and prevention based programs.

The foster program aims to provide a loving environment for kittens, cats, and sometimes dogs that may be too small for adoption, recovering from a procedure, needs to be hand feed or is displaying behavioral issues. The fostering assignment normally lasting from three to six weeks. Some of the fosters are special needs animals and may need a little extra love and care.

The criteria to foster an animal from the Osceola County Animal Services is that the foster must be a resident in Osceola County and 18 years old, have the permission of the landlord, if there is one, to foster an animal, and permission of the family to foster. Other criteria to foster an animal is the foster must have transportation to and from the shelter for appointments and the foster must take and pass the online foster learning module and complete the foster application

Thanks to the Osceola County Animal Services the fosters don’t need to worry about necessary supplies, food, and medical needs, all of that be provided.  The team of staff and volunteers at Osceola County Animal Services will be available for advice and moral support during the foster journey.

If you are interested in becoming a foster to one of the adorable animals please CLICK HERE, to start module that you will have to complete (1 hour long). Once the module is done complete and submit the application to become a foster.

The Osceola County Animal Services continues to make a positive difference in Osceola County by providing the best care possible to animals that come to its shelter and finding them a forever home.