Positively Osceola, in partnership with Charlie Draper of Draper Law Office, and Dr. Debra Pace, Superintendent with the Osceola County School District, recently celebrated, honored, and surprised January’s featured professional support staff member Giovanna Romero Feliciano, a data entry clerk at Liberty High School.

Ms. Romero is known for going above and beyond at Liberty High School ensuring that all aspects of her job are completed with a level of perfection that is unparalleled at the school. She was recognized for her determination, her drive, and her ability to not only meet expectations but to exceed every goal and the high standard that she has set for herself.

That alone was certainly enough for her to be named Featured Professional Support Staff for January, but she is also famous for bringing a smile to her fellow workers’ faces at the school by being supportive,  uplifting, and always having a word of encouragement for everyone.

Congratulations to Giovanna Romero Feliciano. We thank you for making a Positive Difference at Liberty High School and in the Osceola County community! #OsceolaNews