Astronaut Bob Behnken will be doing his best Lou Reed impression next week.

Who knows how good his pipes are. But he’ll be definitely taking a “walk on the wild side” — 240 miles up in space.

Behnken, who flew to the ISS aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon last month with fellow astronaut Doug Hurley and reached the International Space Station the next day, is scheduled for space walks on June 26 and July 1 with fellow NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy. Their reason for the special space stroll is to replace the batteries for one of the ISS  power channels. They could be out there for as long as seven hours, and we’ll be able to watch them live on NASA Television.

Cassidy can be identified during the walks as the astronaut wearing the spacesuit with red stripes, NASA officials said. Behnken, as extravehicular crew member 2, will sport the spacesuit with no stripes.

NASA officials said the walks will mark the seventh and eighth spacewalks for each astronaut and the 228th and 229th performed for space station assembly, maintenance and upgrades.