The St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce formally announced LaVell D. Monger as its next Chairman during the chamber’s annual banquet held on Saturday, September 16 at Osceola Heritage Park. This appointment marks a historic moment as Monger becomes the first African American to assume the role of chairman within the St. Cloud Chamber, and the first in Osceola County. Last year’s Chairman, Robb Larson, General Manager at SMG/Osceola Heritage Park, ‘passed the gavel’ during the chamber banquet.

Monger’s selection as chairman of the chamber highlights his strong dedication to serving the St. Cloud community and his unwavering commitment to advancing economic growth, diversity, and inclusivity within the city.

Within his vision for the chamber, Monger has outlined initiatives aimed at fostering economic growth, promoting diversity and inclusion, and fortifying the connections between local businesses and the community.

“I am deeply honored to be entrusted with the role of Chairman for the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce,” said Mr. Monger. “I see this as an opportunity to lead and inspire positive change within our community. I will focus on fostering economic growth, supporting local businesses, and promoting diversity and inclusivity as key drivers of progress.”


Osceola County has issued a proclamation to honor LaVell D. Monger for his historic appointment as the first African-American Chair of the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce. The proclamation acknowledges Mr. Monger’s exemplary leadership, visionary initiatives, and unwavering dedication to advancing the welfare of the local business community.

“LaVell D. Monger’s appointment as Chairman of the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce is a historic milestone for our community,” said Ricky Booth, District 5 Commissioner of Osceola County. “His leadership and dedication to fostering a diverse and thriving business environment are exemplary. We are proud to recognize his contributions through this proclamation.”

Mr. Monger’s appointment as Chairman of the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce exemplifies the growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion in leadership roles within the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce and reflects a commitment to ensuring that leadership positions represent the rich tapestry of the community it serves.