As Hurricane Irma moves toward our area, St. Cloud Regional Medical Center has taken steps to continue operations and keep their patients and staff safe. Currently, the hospital remains open, and their skilled physicians, nurses and other employees are equipped to continue caring for patients in the hospital, as well as those who may come with emergency medical needs.

Based on current weather predictions St. Cloud Regional Medical Center is anticipating going on lockdown at 5:15pm today. This timeframe should provide enough time for patients being discharged, visitors, and any team members or family of team members the ability to travel safely home or find other accommodations prior to county curfew taking affect at 7pm tonight. A lock down means all entry or exit points, except the Emergency Room entrance, of the hospital will be locked and non-accessible.
Our Emergency Department will continue operating and remain open patients throughout the Hurricane and inclement weather

Elective procedures for Monday, September 11 have been canceled. They will reschedule elective services and surgeries as soon as possible after the storm.

Affiliated physician practices/outpatient clinics in St. Cloud and Kissimmee are closed Monday, September 11. Regular office hours will resume as soon as possible based on storm outcomes.

Shelter during the storm is being provided throughout Osceola County. The hospital is not operating as a public shelter. Only individuals experiencing a medical emergency will be allowed to enter. They encourage residents to visit for more information on county accommodations.

Throughout the storm, St. Cloud Regional Medical Center will keep their patients, their families and staff updated regularly about any related developments. They encourage you to remain safe and follow any guidance issued by Osceola County Emergency Management Office.