On Friday, April 8 the Poinciana Council of The Osceola Chamber hosted its Annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon at Poinciana High School and awarded four Poinciana High School Seniors $1000.00 each with the help of Riviera Spa Massage, HCA Healthcare Florida, and Osceola County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Brandon Arrington.

Luncheon attendees were treated to an asian-inspired meal catered by Poinciana High School Culinary Arts students under the instruction of Chef Juan Alamo. and then led by Poinciana High School ROTC students to the Osceola Business Academy, a business-focused program located on the PHS campus and part of the Osceola School District Choice program. The OBA focuses on bridging the gap between theory and practice for future entrepreneurs and innovators and assists students in learning basics of design thinking, molding ideas into clear business plans with an emphasis on personal development, and academic rigor that incorporates practical, hands-on experiences to help build 21st Century workforce skills and entrepreneurship!

Earlier this year, the Poinciana Council Board of Directors requested applications from eligible graduating seniors from zip code areas 34758, 34759, or 34746, and with the help of an Osceola County Community Betterment Grant from Board of County Commissioners Chairman Brandon Arrington for District 3, the Poinciana Council was able to match their collected funds and offer the scholarship to four graduating seniors, all from different district schools.

Shenica Jerome
Xionare Slearatta
Noah Crandall
Anthony Pelanco

According to The Osceola Chamber, the scholarship selection process was based on extra curricular and volunteer activity, recommendations from students, teachers, and advisors, and each student’s essay response to: Explain your educational goals and future career path, and how will achieving your goals impact your community?

The scholarship recipients were Poinciana High School student Noan Crandall, who is looking to study video game design, Shenica Jerome from Liberty High School who is looking to become an OBGYN and advocate for women’s healthcare and education, Xiomaris Legarreta, a theatre major from the Osceola County School for the Arts, who wants to follow her passion in becoming a broadcast journalist, and Anthony Polanco, a member of the first-ever graduating class at NeoCity Academy, who is planning to pursue a career in finance.

The luncheon’s keynote speakers were Dr. Chundra Evens, Assistant Superintendent at the Osceola County School District, and Osceola Commissioner Brandon Arrington.

This year’s Annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon at Poinciana High School was sponsored by Riviera Spa Massage and HCA Healthcare Florida along with Osceola County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Brandon Arrington for District 3.

Sources: The Osceola Chamber
Christina Pilkington
Osceola School District
Photo Creds: Osceola Chamber