Toho Water Authority is reminding the community to limit the amount of fats, oils, and grease that make it down the drain and into the sewer collection system, and they did it with a bit of a giggle for the holidays.

They created a three-part video series titled “Holiday Pipemares with a simple message, Can it. Cool it. Throw it away!

The series provides a humorous tone to a possible serious problem. Grease that is poured down the drain accumulates in private plumbing and within sewer lines and may eventually form a complete blockage. When this occurs, wastewater can overflow from manholes onto streets and yards. When the flow of wastewater is interrupted due to a blockage, sewage can back up into homes, causing messy water damage and expensive cleanup.

Visit to learn more about how to avoid clogged pipes and view the Holiday Pipemares video collection.