The United States reached a grim milestone on Tuesday: one million COVID-19 cases. In the same breath as reaching that milestone, many states, including Florida and hard-hit California, are looking at ways to ease restrictions and re-open parts of the business sector.

Also on Tuesday, the Florida Department of Health made it official that they now update state and local virus case information once a day, in the late morning. Osceola County is now at 474, with four more cases added Tuesday. Fatalities, hospitalizations and available hospital beds remain steady. Stay with us later today for a local and state update.

The state of Florida saw 675 new cases of coronavirus on Tuesday. The Florida Department of Health reports there are 83 new deaths from COVID-19 since Monday. This is the highest one day total of new deaths in Florida.

The state now has a total of 32,846 cases of coronavirus. More than 5,220 people are hospitalized after testing positive for the coronavirus, and 1,171 people have died from coronavirus in Florida.