Walmart is on a mission to bring affordable, accessible healthcare to communities around the country, and that includes Florida, and specifically, Kissimmee.

Walmart has announced that in 2021 they will expand Walmart Health by opening low-cost health care clinics inside their stores in Florida. Positively Osceola communicated with Walmart’s communications office, and they responded saying they have not released the locations where Walmart Health will come first, but according to the Orlando Business Journal, Walmart is seeking a construction approval from Osceola County for a 7,500-square-foot expansion of 904 Cypress Parkway in Kissimmee for a Health clinic.

According to Walmart’s release, Walmart Health will offer low, transparent pricing for key healthcare services, regardless of insurance status. This could especially important for families and individuals that might lack access to affordable healthcare, which we know is an unfortunate reality for so many right now, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Walmart website, the retail behemoth is committed to helping their customers save money while living better – and healthier.

“We recognize we can make an impact by increasing access to quality, affordable and convenient healthcare as we invest millions of dollars and expand Walmart Health into Florida, which is home to the second highest number of Walmart stores in the country. It’s also where we launched our $4 generic prescription program more than a decade ago,” Sean Slovenski, SVP and President, Health & Wellness, Walmart U.S. shared on Walmart’s website.

Walmart Health clinics will provide:

• Low, transparent pricing for key healthcare services, regardless of insurance status.
• Care delivered by qualified medical professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, counselors and optometrists.
• State-of-the-art facilities that offer full-service primary and urgent care, labs, x-ray and diagnostics, counseling, dental, optical and hearing services all in one central facility.
• Specialized community health resources, online education and in-center workshops to educate the community about preventive health and wellness.