With our attention seemingly centered on the continuing coronavirus pandemic, employment and unemployment, and of course, political campaigns – we may be not focusing on the recent increase of activity in the tropics.

Most recently Hurricane Hanna pounded Texas with with high winds and drenching rains that destroyed boats, flooded streets and knocked out power across a region already pummeled by the coronavirus cases.

Meanwhile Hurricane Douglas peaked as a powerful Category 4 Thursday night over the central Pacific Ocean and is barreling westward toward Hawaii. The dangerous storm is forecast to sweep across or very close to the island chain this weekend, with conditions deteriorating as soon as Saturday night.

Back into the Atlantic we are watching a disturbance in that the National Hurricane Center is saying likely will become a tropical depression or tropical storm within the next 2 or 3 days and has a 90% chance of cyclone formation over the next five days. As we know, computer forecasts can be very unreliable this far out so, we just recommend keeping an eye out and Positively Osceola will continue to update as the disturbance continues to churn in the Atlantic.