You go online an order a pizza. Later on, it comes to your door, via web technology, or maybe an app.

Pizzas have been coming to our door for generations. But think of the other products we use on a daily basis that we’ve traditionally had to go and get.
Until recently, you’ve never said, “Let me call and order some gas for the car.” You say, “I have to go stop and get gas.”

That’s not true anymore — thanks to GasUp.

GasUp is a St. Cloud-based app technology company that changes the game for drivers unlike it has been for over 100 years. GasUp sells fuel and can deliver right to your home, workplace or wherever your vehicle, or fleet of them, is located. Users can track their order once completed.

GasUp can eliminate the gas station, and worrying about credit card information being stolen at the pump. When users download the app, they can make single service requests for as little as $8.50, or sign up for a membership that guarantees fuel availability for up to three vehicles, even during emergencies and natural disasters. (Did you have trouble finding available gas around town during Hurricane Dorian’s approach when Florida was in the cone of possibility?)

 GasUp offers special discounts to company employees as long the fuel gets delivered at its business location.

For more information on this new, innovative way to get gas — actually, more like receive gas — go to