Here’s an update on COVID-19 cases per ZIP code in Osceola County, per the Florida Department of Health:

34744 continues to be the highest with 112. This is the areas of Kissimee surrounding Buenaventura Lakes, including Kissimmee Bay, Remington, Marydia and Mill Slough.

34746 has 81 and includes east of Kissimmee and Celebration.

34741 has 72 and includes much of Kissimmee proper.

34743 has 71 and is Buenaventura Lakes.

34769 has 77 and is the main ZIP for St. Cloud.

34758 has 43 and is the main ZIP for Poinciana.

34747 has 33 and includes areas west of Kissimmee like Four Corners.

34771 has 29 and is east of St. Cloud and includes Harmony.

34772 has 26 and is south of the city of St. Cloud.

34773 has 5 cases and is rural areas to the east, like Deer Park.

34739, which includes Kenansville proper, still has no cases.

Keep in mind all of these statistics are a cumulative total from March, when the first cases were reported. A majority of earlier cases have seen a resolution, either recovery or fatality, so the number of cases in current infection is still low. The daily percentage of positive tests has not been higher than 6.1 percent (Tuesday, 6 out of 93 tests, the lowest test count of the month).

With that said, do not let your guard down at this time. With more businesses opening and more people on the move again in public, spread is still possible and inevitable without precautions like wearing a face covering in public, keeping six feet of distance apart, washing hands frequently and covering coughs and sneezes.