A man is in the Osceola County Jail after being arrested for impersonating a police officer, and robbing an elderly man’s jewelry in December, according to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.

According to deputies, James Troy Davis approached an older man who was putting gas in his car at a 7-11 in Kissimmee and offered to help him. After pumping the gas for the elderly man, Davis told the man he was a police officer that the elderly man looked too tired to drive. He told the man to park in one of the parking spots in front of the 7/11 to rest.

The victim told deputies that suspect began to flashing what he thought were patrol lights from his vehicle’s grill. The suspect then told the elderly man that he wearing stolen jewelry and needed to turn the jewelry over to him, or he would be arrested. The elderly man gave his jewelry to Davis and was told it would be returned to him once it was confirmed that the jewelry wasn’t stolen, deputies said.

The suspect then took a photo of the victim’s driver’s license and told him he would return once he confirmed that the jewelry was not stolen. The suspect never returned.

Davis faces charges of robbery, impersonating a law enforcement officer and false imprisonment.