The Presidential primary in Florida is March 17. If you are interested in voting and have yet to register, you have about a week. The Osceola County Supervisor of Elections says the registration books will close on February 18 — that’s a week from Tuesday.

If you need to register, you can visit the Supervisor of Elections’ office at 2509 East U.S. 192 (corner of 192 and Partin Settlement Road) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or start the process online at, as long as you are 18 to register to vote (16 to pre-register), are a legal resident and U.S. citizen, and have not been deemed mentally incapacitated with respect to voting in Florida by a court and not been convicted of a felony without having your right to vote restored.

By following the “Update” button you can also update your address and political party. The deadline to change that for the presidential primary is also Feb. 18 — and you may change it again 29 days prior to the local primary (Aug. 18) and General Election (Nov. 3). Florida is a “closed primary state”, so in order to vote for a party candidate in an upcoming primary, the person must register with that party.

Early voting for the presidential primary begins March 2. The Osceola SOE also touts voting-by-mail; apply for a mailed ballot at the SOE office, or go here to file online; you’ll need to mail copies of ID, and instructions how to send the request (mail, fax, email) are on the form.

For any voting questions, call the SOE at 407-742-6000.

Voting makes a positive difference in our community, so register, learn about your ballot and VOTE!