The likelihood of the emergence of a tropical depression or storm that could affect Florida is on the rise, particularly as we approach Sunday and Monday. There’s a strong possibility that this system could move into Florida sometime around Tuesday or Wednesday, followed by a potential impact on the Southeast coast. However, it’s premature to ascertain the extent of the effects in these regions.

Currently situated in the northwestern Caribbean, the region of low pressure, accompanied by showers and thunderstorms, has displayed ongoing signs of increased organization on Saturday.

The current environmental conditions appear conducive for the ongoing evolution of this system in the coming days. There is a likelihood that a tropical depression will develop, either later in the weekend or early in the following week, as the system gradually advances northward across the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Individuals in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, western Cuba, and Florida are recommended to carefully monitor the progression of this system.

According to the projected path, the system is expected to veer northwards towards Florida’s Gulf Coast by Tuesday or Wednesday.

As per the National Hurricane Center, there is a 60% chance of formation within the next two days and a 90% chance within the subsequent seven days.