On Wednesday Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis posted a video explaining his distribution plan of the COVID-19 vaccine first once it is made available in the United States. The Pfizer vaccine will be reviewed for approval by the FDA next week and the Moderna vaccine will be reviewed the following week.

In the video, Governor DeSantis listed the initial vaccine distribution as follows:

Residents of long-term care facilities

  • High-risk frontline health care workers
  • Anyone 65 and older and/or those with significant comorbidities

Here are the groups of people the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are recommending get the vaccine first if the supply is limited:

Health care workers

  • Workers in essential and critical industries
  • People at high risk for severe coronavirus complications due to underlying medical conditions
  • Anyone 65 years of age and older

DeSantis reminded Floridians the vaccine will not be mandated.

Both the Pfizer vaccine and Moderna vaccine will require two doses. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, which is not currently up for FDA approval as of now, is a single-dose vaccine and doesn’t require any kind of special storage.