It’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week from May 5 to May 11, and KUA wants to remind you about the importance of preparing for the upcoming hurricane season. Having emergency preparations completed before a hurricane watch or warning is issued is critical.

When a storm alert is announced, take care of last-minute tasks quickly. Make sure emergency supplies like food, water, batteries, pet essentials, and first aid kits are fresh and sufficient. Create a list for any missing items and get them promptly. Fill your car with gas, check the oil and tires, and have evacuation essentials ready.

Preparing your home is also vital. Complete any household chores so your family remains comfortable without power. Secure loose yard items until the storm passes, and ensure your tools and supplies are ready to secure windows and doors. If you use a generator, make sure it’s fueled, maintained, and in a safe place. An updated emergency phone list and extra medications are essential.

Follow these steps for a comprehensive disaster plan: gather emergency information, share it with your family, plan how to communicate if separated, secure your home, and build a support network with neighbors. Keep an updated household inventory to help with recovery. Document your items, including model and serial numbers, purchase dates, and costs. Take photos or videos of your belongings, and don’t forget smaller items like towels and clothing. Store this information securely. If evacuation is necessary, plan your route ahead of time. Osceola County residents often move inland or west, but conditions can change quickly, so stay flexible. Know local evacuation routes and follow authorities’ instructions.

To stay ahead of hurricane season, download the Osceola Hurricane Handbook from for valuable tips and guidance. Printed copies are also available at KUA. Stay proactive, and don’t let hurricane season catch you off guard!