When voting, whether it’s a national, state or local election, it’s extremely important to understand what candidates stand for, what they plan on doing if elected, and who they are as individuals and leaders. Nothing can make that happen better than a face-to-face discussion, and that’s what The Osceola Chamber of Commerce is providing on Wednesday, July  20, at 5:30 pm with Osceola’s premier political event – the Osceola Hob Nob, that will take place at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee.

There is simply no better way to meet those who are running for office all in one place, and it’s a great way to support those that you are already are planning on voting for.

“The Osceola Chamber is pleased to host our Hob Nob once again. As the saying goes, “Elections have consequences,” and businesses of all sizes are feeling great pressure today and for the foreseeable future due, in large part, to decisions made by elected officials,” Osceola Chamber President and CEO John Newstreet shared. “Come get educated on the candidates, vote in our straw poll, and build your network. Showcasing candidates across the spectrum on the Osceola ballot, the Osceola Hob Nob is a great example of how “Business Works Better Together.”

Mix, mingle, rub elbows with local politicians, and network with the areas top business leaders while enjoying great food, fun and festivities. And don’t forget to vote in the influential Straw Ballot Poll.

It’s the Osceola Chamber’s 2022 Hob Nob, July 20 at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee. For more information, visit TheOsceolaChamber.com.