Osceola County Animal Services has launched its Holiday Sleepover program, providing local families with the unique opportunity to host a shelter dog temporarily. The initiative aims to offer a break from the shelter routine for adoptable pets and create meaningful connections with potential adopters during the holiday season.

The program runs through January 9 and matches dogs to homes based on the comfort of host and dog – with consideration of other pets, children, and individual needs.

  • Dogs are chosen based on individual behavior and friendliness.
  • All participating dogs undergo vetting for health and behavior.
  • Only dogs with whom the shelter is familiar will be selected.
  • The majority of available dogs are larger.

Although we do our best to send out healthy, friendly dogs, no guarantees can be offered.

How the Program Works:

  • Applications will be reviewed, and potential participants will be contacted by phone.
  • If both parties agree on the sleepover, a schedule will be developed, accommodating both the hosts’ needs and the shelter schedule.
  • The shelter provides all necessary supplies, including food, toys, bedding, and any other essentials for the dog’s stay.
  • Additional supplies are available upon request, and any special needs of the dog (such as food or medication) are discussed with the host family.

For more information about the Holiday Sleepover program, please contact Osceola County Animal Services at 407-742-8000. To start the process, please fill out the form here.