The time has come to splash into pool season! The sun is out and warmer weather is definitely here, and the St. Cloud Pinch a Penny is the one-stop pool shop, here to help you open up your pool again and get ready for a splash-tacular summer.

Now is the time to make sure that your pool is user-friendly and prepped for another season of cannonballs and family fun. Before you invite your friends over for a refreshing dip, there are a few things you should do to make sure that your pool is ready. Whether your pool is inground or above ground, you should double check that your equipment is all plugged in and ready to go. Adding some chemicals into your pool water will get it back in great shape! Pinch a Penny is offering FREE pool water testing to help residents prepare for the summer heat.

Pinch a Penny is sharing some reminders just in time to open your pool up for pool season:

Removing the Cover

If your pool was closed down during the cooler months, odds are you put a cover on it. Take a moment to make sure that water did not accumulate on top of your cover during the season. If you had a sump pump, disconnect it (after pumping any excess water). Use this time to clear your cover of any debris or leaves that have collected on top of the cover with a brush or even a leaf blower. You should clean the cover before you store it. If you have a fence or other barrier, make sure that the gate is locked to ensure no children get into the pool area now that your pool is uncovered.

Replacing Plugs and Gauges

Remove any plugs from return lines doing so will ensure that you do not run your pump when it is dry and overheat it. Remove plugs from your skimmer lines as well, and replace the baskets. Store the plugs in a safe and dry place for the next season. Replace the drain plugs from the pump and filter as well as any heaters or chlorinators. Reconnect any aerators you may have disconnected, and replace the pressure gauge if you removed it. This is a great time to check your O-rings and lubricate them as well. If your pool has lost any water, fill it with a hose until it reaches midway on the skimmer.

Cleaning Debris from your Pool

You are going to want to get your pump running to clear out any debris that may have accumulated if you used a mesh cover. Odds are you will have to prime to pump with a garden hose to start the flow of water. This is an important step, do not run your pump dry or you will burn out the motor. Make sure to turn your multiport valve to filter.

This is also the point where you will brush the walls and steps and skim the surface of your pool to help with the debris removal. Then, you can reinstall any rails or ladders that you removed before putting the cover on.

Rebalancing the Water

Take a water sample from your pool to the St. Cloud Pinch a Penny store location which is owned and operated by James & Linda Pridgen, to get a full analysis of your pool’s water chemistry and get direction on how to bring it back in to balance (you’re going to need shock!). The experts at Pinch A Penny will give you the best advice on balancing chemicals to return your pool to the ideal ranges. Our convenient Pour & Go packages make balancing your pool a breeze. The Pinch A Penny Mobile App is also available to test your water at home.

This is also a great time to add some Natural Pool Enzyme to clear any organic contaminants that may have made their way into the pool during the offseason. This product cleans up all kinds of non-living organic contaminants and cleans up cloudy and dirty pool water. A water clarifier is also a great product to help speed up the process of returning to crystal-clear water.

If you have any questions or pool needs stop by your neighborhood Saint Cloud Pinch A Penny for the best selection of pool supplies including liquid chlorine, tablets, pumps, filters and more.  James & Linda Pridgen, are your pool store experts providing advice plus everything you need to care for your pool, patio or spa.