The southeastern coast has been getting pummeled with snow, and now that same powerful winter storm is set to pound the Northeast with up to a foot of the “white stuff.” The Northeast is not only receiving a healthy dumping of snow, it’s experiencing frigid wind and tundra-like temperatures.

Thirteen states from South Carolina and all the way up the Northeastern coast are experiencing winter storm warnings as a massive bombogenesis, that will result in what’s known as a “bomb-cyclone. Forecasters say that today Northeastern states will see threatening hurricane-force winter wind gusts along with blustering snow.

A bombogenesis is an area of rapidly decreasing low pressure that materializes as a “bomb cyclone,” that takes place when a cyclone has a large drop in atmospheric pressure over a very short period of time.

Bomb cyclones pull in cold air from the North, and then can pound areas in the northern hemisphere with frigid temperatures. In North America they occur when frigid air over North America merges with the warm air over the ocean from the Atlantic.

Orlando International Airport officials said the de-icing truck “had to be dusted off and put to work” after low temperatures created frost on plane wings.

Almost 100 flights were canceled and over 60 were delayed at MCO as of 2 p.m. Thursday, according to the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

The following are tips from the Orlando International Airport with regards to potential flight cancelations and delays:

  • Before you leave home or your hotel, check your flight status for delays or cancellations
  • Consider changing or rebooking your flight PRIOR to arriving at the airport
  • If you are at the airport and your flight is cancelled, call or go online to rebook your flight