As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in this area, Orlando Health is taking additional steps to protect team members, patients, and guests.

Orlando Health has adjusted its visitation policy for patients as follows:

• Two visitors allowed daily for non-COVID-19 patients during visiting hours. Except for Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital, an adult visiting a non-COVID-19 patient can be accompanied by a minor aged 3 years and older as the second visitor if the minor remains masked and in the company of the adult.

• Hospitalized COVID-19 positive patients will still follow current hospital protocols of limited visitation by adults. Visitors should check with their loved one’s hospital for specific details.

• One visitor for each patient daily in all emergency departments and surgery/procedural areas. Minors will not be allowed to accompany visitors into emergency departments or surgery/procedural areas.

• Except for Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital, visitors do not need to be the same individuals during the entire patient’s stay.Patients at Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital are limited to two adult visitors who must be the same individuals throughout the hospital stay.

• Specific high-risk clinical areas in hospitals or ambulatory settings may adopt stricter visitation limits if deemed necessary to maintain a safe environment.

All visitors will be screened and asked to adhere to appropriate precautions including masking, handwashing, and social distancing. The visitation policy will be frequently reevaluated and consider the level of COVID-19 spread in the community. We will revert to normal visitation when possible.