Osceola County Commission Chairwoman Cheryl Grieb was selected to serve on the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) Water Policy Committee and will serve alongside 36 other county commissioners from across the state.

“This committee is an excellent platform to communicate the economic and recreational importance of Osceola County’s lakes and waterways to a statewide audience. Being an advocate for our natural resources and sharing the significant role they play for all Floridians is something I take very seriously and I look forward to working with the other members of this committee to protect these fragile, yet precious resources.”

– Cheryl Grieb, Osceola County Commission Chairwoman

Chairwoman Grieb will play a key role in addressing the widespread water crisis affecting Florida coastlines, lakes, springs, estuaries, and rivers, as a member of the Water Policy Committee.

“A number of local leaders from across the state stepped forward to participate,” said FAC President and Hendry County Commissioner Karson Turner. “This committee represents the diverse water needs from every water basin in the state and their commitment to their communities and willingness to address these recurring issues head on.”

This committee was created with a mission for counties to set policy priorities at the local, state and federal level. The committee will take the lead in working with the state and Governor Ron DeSantis.  Gov. DeSantis signed Executive Order 19-12 shortly after taking office, which emphasizes the need to engage local government officials to help protect Florida’s vulnerable coastline and natural resources.

The Water Policy Committee will be meeting for the first time on Thursday (March 28, 2019).