Wild Florida will host Gator Week May 23 – 28, and offer free Gator Park admission to guests who donate any amount toward their Wild Florida Scholarship Fund for Osceola County students. Additionally, as the founders of National Alligator Day on May 29th, Wild Florida will also celebrate this special day at the end of Gator Week.

Years ago Wild Florida noticed how alligators are often characterized as monstrous swamp killers and fear of these animals has driven many myths and nightmares about their behavior. Gator Week at Wild Florida is dedicated to educating guests about alligators, debunking common myths and developing a more positive reputation for these reptiles.

Sam Haught, co-owner of Wild Florida, announced, “Gator Week is back at full strength this year. We’re excited to feature family-friendly activities but with a few new twists. Our goal is to shine a different light on these incredible animals and hope our guests walk away with a greater appreciation for them.”

Wild Florida’s reptile handling team, deemed “the Croc Squad®”, has been dreaming up educational ideas and myth-busting activities all year in preparation for this week. Gator jump-a-thons, eating contests and of course, who has the best Crocs (shoes), are among the activities planned. Be sure to follow Wild Florida on social media for updates, fun polls, educational tidbits and myth-busting stories. Also, check out www.GatorWeek.com for the full schedule of events.

While the focus of Gator Week is to educate guests on Florida’s beloved reptile, the team is focused on raising funds for a good cause, the Wild Florida Scholarship Fund. Gator Park admission is free to everyone who brings a cash donation to the scholarship fund May 23 – 28. Learn more about Wild Florida’s other adventures at WildFL.com.

Wild Florida Airboats, Drive-thru Safari & Gator Park, which opened on Lake Cypress in Kenansville in 2010, focuses on educating individuals about Central Florida’s natural resources. The Wild Florida team is dedicated to protecting, conserving and enhancing Florida’s diverse ecosystem to ensure that future generations can enjoy the wonders of wild, native Florida.