St. Cloud Utilities  crews flushed the main transmission line from water treatment plant #4 this week, as the city continues to work toward  eliminating resin remaining in the water system. Over the summer, crews spent six weeks ice pigging in areas identified as having resin residue in the water lines. That was followed by cleaning of the ground storage tanks at the water treatment plant #4

The flushing of the main transmission line from the plant is the beginning of a comprehensive unidirectional flushing program the city will be implementing over the next several weeks. Crews will be systematically working their way through targeted areas of the city, following the natural flow of the water through the system to flush the water pipes.

Once the first round of flushing is complete, the city will determine whether a second round of flushing is needed to ensure the resin has been flushed from the system. The city will post updates on the unidirectional flushing schedule to its social media pages and to the city web site. Customers who will be impacted by reduced water pressure during the flushing will be notified.

City of St. Cloud Utilities is encouraging its customers experiencing issues to report them via the city web site at or on their StCloudConnect app, or call customer service at 407-957-7344. For after hours emergencies, call the non-emergency police department line at 407-891-6700.