The City of St. Cloud’s Bikes and Bites event held on a picturesque Sunday evening wasn’t just a celebration of local gastronomy and cycling but also a testament to the community’s commitment to safe and sustainable transportation options. In collaboration with Bike Walk Central Florida and as part of FDOT’s Eighth Annual Mobility Week, the event served as a delightful convergence of St. Cloud’s love for flavors, outdoor exploration, and a shared dedication to promoting safe, multimodal transportation choices, particularly biking.

Kicking off the event at the St. Cloud Lakefront boat ramp at 4 p.m., participants embarked on a scenic journey through the downtown area, experiencing the city’s vibrant spirit and picturesque charm. With the combined efforts of the City of St. Cloud and Bike Walk Central Florida, the event not only highlighted the city’s culinary prowess but also emphasized the significance of integrating alternative modes of transportation into everyday life.

“Our popular Bikes and Bites program offers a great opportunity to showcase our local restaurants, while supporting our vision of having a city that is conducive to walking and cyclng.”

The carefully curated Fall-themed culinary offerings provided by Phyre Steakhouse & Brewery, Pops Waffles and Ice cream, Phyre GenX Pizzeria & Brewery, and Crabby Bills, were complemented by the exhilarating experience of cycling through St. Cloud’s enchanting streets and avenues. The event not only encouraged participants to indulge in the city’s local delicacies but also promoted the idea of embracing environmentally friendly and healthy transportation alternatives.

“We are thrilled to be part of an event that not only showcases the culinary brilliance of our city but also advocates for sustainable and safe transportation options,” expressed a representative from Bike Walk Central Florida. “St. Cloud’s Bikes and Bites event aligns perfectly with our mission to promote active transportation and create a community that is conducive to walking and biking.”

With the successful conclusion of this year’s event, the City of St. Cloud looks forward to continued collaborations with organizations like Bike Walk Central Florida and FDOT’s Mobility Week, as they strive to create a community that values both the flavors of local cuisine and the benefits of embracing eco-friendly transportation choices. Keep your eyes open, and youer calendars ready, for the next Bikes and Bites event, and be part of an evening that celebrates the amalgamation of delectable culinary delights and the joy of exploring the city on two (or three) wheels.