Florida summers are known for long hot days and electrifying lightning storms! Kissimmee Utility Authority is making sure that residents are aware of the dangers that can take place during a lightning storm and sharing tips on safety precautions during a storm.

Even though your home is a safe shelter during a lightning storm, you may still be at risk. About one-third of lightning-strike injuries occur indoors. Kissimmee Utility Authority offers these tips to keep you safe and reduce your risk of being struck by lightning while indoors.

AVOID WATER – Do not bathe, shower, wash dishes or have any other contact with water during a thunderstorm because lightning can travel through a building’s plumbing.

AVOID ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT – Do not use your computers, laptops, game systems, washers, dryers, stoves or anything connected to an electrical outlet. Lightning can travel through electrical systems as well as radio and television reception systems. Equip homes with surge protectors to protect appliances.

AVOID CORDED PHONES – Corded phones are not safe to use during a thunderstorm. Do not use them. However, it is safe to use cordless or cellular phones during a storm.

AVOID WINDOWS, DOORS, PORCHES, AND CONCRETE – Do not lie on concrete floors during a thunderstorm and avoid leaning on concrete walls. Lightning can travel through any metal wire mesh or rebar inside concrete walls and flooring.

Thank you Kissimmee Utility Authority for providing these tips to help Osceola County residents stay safe during lightning storms this summer. 


Source: Kissimmee Utility Authority