Do you love bounce houses? Like, really, really love them, beyond the point of renting one for the weekend for your kids’ birthday parties. If you don’t, here’s betting your kids love them.

So take them to Osceola Heritage Park over the next two weekends, and they’ll probably love you.

Big Bounce America is in town over by the Silver Spurs Arena on Saturday and Sunday of this weekend and Oct. 25-27 of next. It’s the the largest touring inflatable event in the entire world, and suitable for every member of the family. You’ll see some of the most unique and exciting custom-built inflatable attractions ever built, including the Guinness book-certified world’s largest bounce house, The Giant, a 900-foot inflatable obstacle course awaiting all aspiring ninja warriors, a huge maze, slides, ball pits and more.

There are open sessions and ones exclusive for families and for adults.

Tickets are $17 for ages 3 and under, $26 for the Junior (7 and under) and Bigger Kid (15 and under) sessions and $32 for the Adults Only session. (BHA rule: Everyone MUST behave like an overgrown child!)

The session’s entertainment reflects the age group. There are no fees for spectators to enter the event grounds. Only those planning on bouncing on any of the inflatables, require a ticket.

Tickets can be purchased online at, or on site for a slightly higher fee.

For for the next two weekends at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee it’s “Sneakers Off, Party On” at Bounce House America!