With all the political “noise” in our world these days, have you ever wished you could just hide under a rock, or live in a cave until the election is over? Well justHotels.com hopes to help people relax during election week with this very special mini-vacation for $25.00.

Hotels.com is giving away a five-night stay in an underground, New Mexico cave during election week to help people cope and deal with the daily overdosing of election “news.”

If you’re interesting in winning this truly “rocking vacation stay” the booking will go live on the Hotels.com Under a Rock website on Friday, October 9, at 9 a.m. EST, so be sure to have your laptop ready if you hope to score this deal.

The winner will have to pay $25 for the trip.

For those who don’t win this very the unique vacation, Hotels.com is offering 20% off select properties with “rock” in the name.