The Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show held the Market Steer and Market Lamb Show last night, where two young ladies were awarded 2019 Grand Champions. We met up with the winners this morning along with Dr. Matt Walter, KVLS Board Member to learn a little bit more about their accomplishments and to congratulate them on their win. 

“We have all kinds of new kids that are learning a lot and doing very well in our program.” Dr. Matt Walter, KVLS Board Member

Carlie Batey, growing up on a ranch and being around livestock and was excited to show her steer, Moose this year. Carlie is 16 years old and a student at Harmony High School. This was Carlie’s first year showing a steer and was surprised and extremely happy when the judges announced that she won 2019 Grand Champion Market Steer out of 73 other steers. Carlie and Moose met at the Kempfer Family Ranch and have been together since August 2018. Weighing in at 700 pounds when Carlie first met him, she decided to name him Moose because he was as big as a moose. Today he weighs in at 1,202 pounds! When asked if Moose has any funny tricks, Carlie told us that he enjoys drinking from the water hose, he likes to put his front feet in the water trough and to watch out because he loves to lick.

“I learned a lot this year, like how to feed him correctly, what to do and not do around a steer, and I met a lot of really good people. I want to be involved in agriculture and plan to show again next year.” – Carlie Batey

Carolina McDonald, 10 years old and a 4th-grade student at St. Cloud Elementary was awarded Grand Champion Market Lamb for her lamb Cole. She also won Junior Showman, 1st place in Fitting and Grooming, and 1st place in Record Book. Carolina named her lamb Cole because when she got him, he was very dark in color. When Carolina purchased Cole nine months ago he weighed about 90 pounds, and today he weighs in at 115 pounds. We asked Carolina what she likes best about Cole and she told us that it’s really funny when he prances and kicks the soccer ball around.

“I learned that it’s a lot of work and I made a lot of new friends. I will DEFINITELY do this again next year!” – Carolina McDonald.

Both the Champion Steer and Champion Lamb will be auctioned off tonight at the KVLS Market Auction at 5:00 PM. Be sure to show up a little early if you are not already registered as a buyer as you can register onsite.

Congratulations again to Carlie Batey and Carolina McDonald for winning 2019 Grand Champion Market Steer and Lamb.