The City of Kissimmee, in order to provide immediate financial relief to  City of Kissimmee residents and businesses during the COVID-19 health crisis, will be waiving all permitting, plan review, and inspections fees related to Building Permits within City limits starting on Friday, May 1, 2020, for the next 120-days.

The waiving of building permit fees is one component of the City’s COVID-19 business development and sustainability assistance program that will focus on providing relief to businesses within the City. Additional assistance and resources associated with this plan will be presented to the City Commission for consideration in the near future.

Suspension of building permit fees will apply to residential and commercial projects spanning from minor improvements such as fence and roof installations to the construction of new homes and commercial buildings.

Although the building fees are waived, applicants must submit the appropriate paperwork to the City’s Building Department and obtain a permit to start work on all projects. Building permit fees do not waive any required impact fees and Florida State surcharges, which may be associated with a project.

All applicants will still be required to pay any mobility fees, Parks & Recreation impact fees, DCA surcharges, and BCAI Radon surcharges. Business Tax Receipts (BTR’s) or business license fees will still be collected for new licenses and the renewal of existing licenses.

If applying for permits, please send an email to or call 407-518-2379.