The City of St. Cloud will continue to remove any remaining resin in its water systems with a comprehensive unidirectional flushing program of its water lines beginning Monday morning.

The city spent six weeks during the summer ice pigging water lines in targeted areas along with cleaning groundwater storage tanks and flushed the main transmission line coming from water treatment plant #4, the original source of the resin problem.

Monday morning, water lines will be cleaned from that point, moving systematically outward from the plant, through the targeted area of the system.

Customers in the areas where flushing is taking place may experience a temporary reduction of water pressure during that time; pressure will return to normal once the flushing is completed.

The city will update the community on what areas will be flushed as the program continues. The unidirectional flushing is expected to take several months to complete.

For the week of November 15-19, the targeted areas will be:

  • Nolte Road from Old Canoe Creek Road to Canoe Creek Road, Canoe Creek Road from Nolte Road to Settlers Trail
  • Settlers Trail, Settlers Court, Old Canoe Creek Road from Kissimmee Park Road to Settlers Trail
  • Old Canoe Creek Road from Settlers Trail to Canoe Creek Road, Zion Drive,
  • Canoe Creek Road from Settlers Trail to Pine Tree Drive
  • Teka Village, Sawyer Estates Apartments

As always, customers experiencing issues are strongly encouraged to report it on the city’s website, or on their StCloudConnect app, or by calling customer service at 407-957-7344.