Cities and counties across Florida have canceled their Fourth of July fireworks shows amid the coronavirus pandemic, and in order to conform to social distancing guidelines. As a result, firework retailers are showing up all over the community selling their wares to the public for the nation’s annual birthday party.

With many of us looking for a bit of a celebration after seeing holiday fun dampened during the stay at home order, adding fireworks into the upcoming holiday sounds like a good idea to many.

Making it easier this year, Florida residents can now legally use fireworks in the state – at least for three days out of the year – after Gov. Ron DeSantis recently signed a law allowing for them to be used on New Year’s Day, July 4th and on New Year’s Eve.

However, those who suffer from PTSD, and pets that are sensitive to sustained loud noises, can be severely affected by the local increase of firework use, and with the uptick in citizen-based firework celebrations, those affected will have nowhere to go to get away from the random explosions while at home. There is also a risk of brush fires considering the recent dry weather.

When shooting off fireworks make sure to keep them in the street and upright to avoid having the fireworks shoot into trees or bushes. It is also keen to have water on hand as a precaution for raining embers. Duds are duds… if they don’t ignite throw them out. Don’t put yourself at risk trying to relight stubborn fireworks.

So, have a wonderful Fourth of July on America’s 244th birthday celebration with or without fireworks, follow CDC guidelines, and remember to consider our veterans, pets, and to use personal safety when celebrating!